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Ningbo Weifeng Image Equipment Group Co., Ltd. is located in the East China Sea and convenient transportation, is a collection development, production, sales of cameras, camera frame, photography bags and all kinds of photographic imaging aids General Corporation.

SINCE 1993

Since its inception in 1993, after 20 years of hard work and concentrated operations, creating Weifeng (WF), Fancier, E-IMAGE and NEST four brands; Products cover several major areas of camera accessories, photographic accessories, studio equipments, film and broadcasting equipments; Sales networks prevail all over the world, 35 provincial –level dealers in domestic market and more than 400 clients located in 68 countries and regions.


At present, the company has built 110,000 square meters of factory buildings, equipped with advanced production equipment, with industry-leading processing technology, to provide sustained and stable quality assurance. The company has a staff of 1300, the construction of a strong R & D engineering team and sales team. Company with annual 6 million tripod supporting the production capacity, continued growth in sales, stable industry leader's position.

The company pursues a customer-oriented, good faith business purpose, adhering to the pioneering spirit, pragmatic and innovative spirit, relying on a professional team, strict management and excellent facilities, well-built tripod kingdom, and look forward to new and old customers of mutual benefit, and then breaking achievement!

Concept & Organization


●  Enterprise Mission: customer-oriented, strict integrity

●  Competitive Outlook: Beyond the demand trend

●  The spirit of enterprise: sustained progress, innovation

●  Business talent: confident and implementation of human resources is the first resource management strategy


Ningbo Weifeng Image Equipment Group Co., Ltd.

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